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Carly & Michael | Orange County Courthouse

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Big, extravagant weddings that last all day isn’t for every couple. In fact the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $29,858! For some it seems justifiable, but for other couples it’s a hard pill to swallow for one day of celebrating their nuptials.

This is where courthouse weddings come in. Instead of planning for a year deciding on the caterer, the color scheme, and the wedding favors you can just schedule a day to get married with the county courthouse. Most courthouses have beautiful architecture too that make for great photos.

For Carly and Michael this was the perfect fit for them. They didn’t want a huge celebration, but still wanted their close family and friends to witness, so they chose a date and got married at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana. The larger courtroom was more than enough space for everyone to witness them become man and wife, and it also provided some gorgeous pictures with the early 1900’s architecture. Also, the entire process was virtually stress-free as we planned everything out together in about a month.

At the end of the day all their expenses (tux rental, dress, flowers, photographer, makeup, marriage license, and ceremony fee) were under $1,500. They were happily married, and their entire entourage went to a great Filipino restaurant to celebrate after.

Planner: || Photography: @lexandthelotus ||

Hair & Makeup: @adriennes_artistry || Dress: @bhldn || Tux: @friartux

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