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Let's Talk About: Wedding Liability Insurance

Hearing the words “wedding insurance” during your planning process usually comes with a bit of confusion. When it comes to booking all of your vendors like DJ, florist, and planner a venue will almost always require them to provide general liability insurance, but some venues even require the couple to have their own wedding insurance as well. And even if your venue doesn’t require it from you there is still good reason to consider purchasing it. Below we break down wedding liability insurance for you so that you understand what it is and why you need it.

What Is Wedding Liability Insurance?

Wedding liability insurance is created to protect and reimburse you for any losses from accidents that occur during your wedding. That means you’ll be protected from the responsibility of any accidents or injuries like a drunk guest spraining an ankle walking around the venue or unintentional property damage from your décor falling over and breaking a window from a huge gust of wind.

Why You Need It

If there’s one thing the past year has taught us, it’s that no matter how meticulously you plan, some things are out of your control, which is why you need to be protected.

Weddings cost money. No matter how small you intend your event to be, you’ll still be shelling out a lot. Sometimes, you might not even be the one to carry the costs. Your partner, parents, or a loved one could be the ones covering the bills. Regardless who is paying a backup is necessary. This will help plan against an unexpected incident that could lead to financial loss for you or your loved ones.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough so purchasing wedding liability insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy your day even if something were to happen. You’ll feel better knowing that you’re prepared. Nothing is worse than the lasting memory of having to pay for an expensive claim from your wedding day.

Wedding Liability Insurance is Affordable

Couples often worry that paying for insurance for their wedding will wreck their budget. This is actually not the case. On average, wedding liability insurance costs less than half the price of your wedding cake. Websites like EventHelper.com are a great and affordable option that even allow you to see a quote based on your guest list before purchasing. Currently a 100 person wedding in California starts at $99.99 for coverage.

So whether you’re having a small wedding at a friend’s backyard or at an established wedding venue it is well worth it to purchase wedding liability insurance. Peace of mind is key especially for an event that has taken you months of planning. Don’t let an injury or damage claim ruin your big day. Insurance is not only worth it but affordable as it allows you to walk into your wedding day prepared. Most importantly it enables you and your fiancé to focus on what’s most important: celebrating the love between you two with your closest family and friends.

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